Looking for the ultimate brand that improves drifting? Finding the best RC drift car brands can ensure precision, power, and style.

RC drift cars have so many brands and types. That makes it tough to choose the right brand. So, we unveil the top 7 RC drift car brands.

Get ready to experience the thrill of flawless drifts, and top-notch performance. Let’s dive into the world of RC drift cars.

Best RC Drift Car Brands

Top 7 Best RC Drift Car Brands

1. Traxxas

Are you ready to experience RC car racing? Look no further than Traxxas RC drift cars.

Traxxas is synonymous with quality, innovation, and performance.  It offers a diverse range of models. That meets the needs of both beginners and pro racers. 

These cars are ensuring the thrilling art of drifting. It allows drivers skillfully slide their cars.


  • Performance: They ensure exceptional speed, acceleration, and handling capabilities. Precise engineering enables drivers to execute breathtaking drift maneuvers.
  • Durability and Reliability: Traxxas has a reputation for producing robust reliable RC cars. Their drift car models come with high-quality materials. That makes them resistant to wear and tear. 
  • Customization Options: Every racer has unique preferences and styles. That’s why they offer a wide range of customization options. It allows you to personalize your RC drift car. 
  • User-Friendly Design: Traxxas places great emphasis on user experience. They bring user-friendly cars for beginners. Adjustable suspension, and intuitive setup instructions make it easy.


  • Price Range: Traxxas comes with a higher price tag.
  • Maintenance and Upkeep: Traxxas RC drift cars require regular maintenance and upkeep.


  • Ford Mustang GT: This iconic American muscle car brings life to RC. Mustang GT delivers the thrills of drifting. Seek design and powerful V8 engine makes it stand out.
  • Chevrolet Corvette: It offers a perfect blend of style and performance. This RC drift car captures the essence of the legendary Corvette. It combines stunning looks with exceptional drifting capabilities.
  • Nissan Skyline GT-R: If you’re a fan of JDM cars, GT-R is a dream come true. This car pays homage to the legendary Skyline GT-R. It delivers exceptional traction and control. 
  • Toyota Supra: Toyota Supra combines style, performance, and precision. A brushless motor and high-speed stability enable impressive speed.
  • BMW M3: BMW M3 captures the essence of German engineering. It delivers exceptional traction and handling. 
  • Subaru WRX STI: This RC drift car features a replica body. It ensures exceptional control and stability.


On average Traxxas drift RC range from $150-$500+. Depending on features and model the price varies.

2. Redcat Racing

Redcat Racing is a brand that offers exceptional performance and customization options.  It can ignite your passion for RC drifting.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert drifter, Redcat Racing has options. It is an affordable brand but maintains quality.


  • High Performance: Their drift car delivers thrilling performance on the track. Powerful motors ensure flawless speed.
  • Affordable Options: Redcat Racing provides a range of RC drift cars. That caters to different budgets. Their entry-level models offer affordability. 
  • Customization: Redcat Racing understands the importance of personalization. Their RC drift cars feature interchangeable parts. They allow you to customize your car. 
  • Ready-to-Run (RTR) Convenience: They offer many RC drift cars in ready-to-run packages. It includes the necessary electronics. That makes it easy to start the ride.


  • Limited Model Range: Redcat Racing’s RC cars range is slightly low.


  • Redcat Racing Lightning EPX Drift: It is a popular option for drift enthusiasts. It features a sleek and aggressive body design. It comes with adjustable suspension and high-traction drift tires. 
  • Thunder Drift: It is another notable model. It features a realistic drift-style body. They ensure precise control during drift maneuvers. 
  • RC Dukono: Dukono can be a versatile choice for off-road and drift racing. It offers the flexibility to drift on various terrains. That adds a unique twist to your racing adventures.
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Typically, Redcat racing rc drift cost nearly $100 to $400.

3. Tamiya

Get ready to experience the thrilling world of RC drifting with Tamiya. They offer exceptional performance and customization options.

Durability and a wide range of options make Tamiya a popular name. These cars can handle extreme drifting sessions.


  • Superior Realism: Tamiya is famous for its attention to detail. Their RC drift cars feature accurate scale replicas. It introduces authenticity.
  • Superior Build Quality: Tamiya RC drift cars come with top-quality materials. That ensures durability and longevity. So, you will get a long-lasting racing experience.
  • Wide Range of Customization: Tamiya offers a vast array of upgrade parts. It allows you to customize your RC drift car. Tamiya provides ample options to unleash your creativity.
  • Extensive Parts Availability: Tamiya has a vast network of dealers and distributors. So, you have easy access to genuine Tamiya parts. Extensive parts availability is a major advantage.


  • Higher Price Range: Tamiya’s car is a bit costly.
  • Advanced Assembly: Tamiya RC drift cars require assembly. That is a bit complex.


  • Tamiya TT-02D: It is a popular series for RC drift cars. This versatile chassis offers excellent handling ability. It is compatible with various body shells. 
  • Tamiya Drift Spec Series: Tamiya offers an exceptional line of RC drift car kits. That is the Drift Spec Series. These series optimize drifting performance. It ensures a precise drifting experience
  • Tamiya RTR Models: If you prefer a ready-to-run experience, RTR is for you. It allows you to start drifting right out of the box.


On average Tamiya RC drift cars ranges from $100 to $400+.

4. Kyosho

Kyosho RC cars offer thrilling drifting journeys.   It is popular for exceptional performance and customization options.

You can achieve impressive speed with precise control. Unique features and diverse product range make it ideal for everyone.


  • Exceptional Performance: Kyosho RC drift cars offer precision. These cars feature high-quality components. Powerful motors, enable you to achieve impressive speed.
  • Realistic Details: Their RC drift cars often feature scale replica bodies. You will get accurate decals with authentic paint schemes. These cars provide an excellent racing experience.
  • Wide Range of Customization: Kyosho offers a variety of upgrade parts. It allows you to customize your RC drift car. So that you can empower a unique racing machine.
  • Track-Ready Designs: Kyosho drift cars come ready to hit the track. These RTR models save you time and effort. You can start drifting right away, without assembly.


  • Higher Price Range: Kyosho’s drift car is a bit costly.
  • Limited Availability: Kyosho cars may not be widely available.


  • Fazer Drift: Fazer Drift series is specifically for drift enthusiasts. These models feature a 4-wheel drive system. It ensures precise control and impressive drift performance. 
  • Kyosho DRX VE Demon: DRX VE Demon is a high-performance RC drift car. It is ideal for pro racers. It features a powerful brushless monitor and a full-time 4WD. It delivers exceptional stability and agility during drifts.
  • Mini-Z Drift: It offers a compact and portable option for drifting. These models feature rear-wheel drive and precise control. They deliver impressive drift performance. It allows for intricate maneuvering.
  • Kyosho DRT: DRT series combines the thrill of off-road racing with drifting. These versatile RC cars are for on-road drifting and off-road bashing. It offers a unique hybrid experience.
  • Kyosho TF-5 Drift: TF-5 Drift is a high-quality touring car. It features a belt-driven 4WD system. It allows for precise control and smooth transitions. That makes it a popular choice.


Kyosho RC drifts cars typically range from $100 to $400+.

5. MST

MST RC cars can make you a drifting master. It elevates your RC drifting skills to new heights.  MST dominates the RC industry for its quality and performance.

Unique features offer a thrilling driving experience.  You will also get a wide range of options.

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  • Outstanding Performance: MST RC offers precise control. It allows exceptional maneuverability during drifts.
  • Wide Range of Customization: MST offers an extensive array of upgrade parts. It enables you to customize your RC drift car. That suits your preferences. 
  • Realistic Body Options: MST offers a variety of scale replica body shells. That allows you to choose from popular car models.
  • Supportive Community: MST has a supportive community. This community provides valuable resources to learn drifting. You can expand your skills.


  • Higher Price Range: MST’s car comes at a higher price.
  • Availability of Parts: The availability of MST parts and accessories is low in some areas.


  • MST RMX Series: It offers a range of rear-wheel drive cars. It is famous for precision and balance. These models feature high-traction drift tires. It delivers agility and smooth drifts. You can execute intricate maneuvers with finesse
  • MST FMX Series: FMX series provides stability and grip on the track. These models also offer versatility and control. That makes them suitable for beginners and pro drifters.
  • MST XXX Series: It delivers ultimate performance and customization options. These high-end RC drift cars offer extraordinary features. Such as carbon fiber components, and high-speed motors. It allows us to exceed the limits.


Overall MST series RC drift cars range from $100 to $500. Depending on the feature and model the cost can vary.

6. Exceed RC

Exceed RC combines power and precision. That makes them one of the best RC drift car brands. They offer exceptional performance and eye-catching designs.

You’ll experience the thrill of realistic drifting. It will unleash your inner racer. It provides hours of excitement on the track.


  • High-Performance Drifting: They ensure high-performance drifting. These cars feature special tires and adjustable chassis. That allows for precise control and effortless slides.
  • Eye-Catching Designs: Exceed RC puts great emphasis on style. Their drift cars boast sleek and aggressive designs. That mimics real-life sports cars.
  • Quality Construction: Exceed cars using high-quality materials. That can support rough drifting. 
  • Customization: Exceed RC offers a range of customization options. It allows you to personalize your drift car. That enhances drifting capabilities.


  • Skill Requirement: Drifting requires a certain level of skill and practice.


  • Electric-Power-Drift Cars: They offer a range of electric-power-drift cars. That is perfect for indoor and outdoor drifting. These cars provide instant torque and smooth acceleration. That makes them ideal for beginners.
  • Nitro-Power-Drift Cars: Exceed RC also offers nitro-power-drift cars. These cars come with powerful engines. That delivers thrilling speed.


On average, Exceed RC drift cars can range from around $100 to $300 or more.

7. WLtoys

WLtoys are famous for outstanding drifting performance, and innovative designs. While they require some skill, these cars offer a realistic drifting experience.

It can satisfy any racing enthusiast. WLtoys RC drift cars will unleash your drifting skills.


  • Outstanding Drifting Performance: They deliver outstanding drifting performance. These cars feature excellent tires and adjustable chassis settings. That allows for precise control and impressive drifts.
  • Innovative Designs: WLtoys places great emphasis on innovative designs. That replicates the aesthetics of real-life sports cars. These drift cars enhance the overall visual appeal. 
  • High-Quality Construction: WLtoys uses high-quality materials. That can handle the demands of intense drifting. Even It can tackle high-speed maneuvers.
  • Customization Options: WLtoys offers a range of customization options. That allows you to personalize your drift car. 


  • Skill Requirement: Drifting requires a certain level of skill.


  • Electric-Power-Drift Cars: WLtoys offers a range of electric-power-drift cars. That is perfect for indoor and outdoor drifting. These cars provide easy maintenance opportunities. 
  • Brushless Motor Drift Cars: WLtoys offers brushless motor drift cars. That offers speed, precise control, and durability. 


On average, WLtoys RC drift cars can range from around $50 to $200 or more. It is a budget-friendly brand.

The Importance Of Knowing The Best RC Drift Car Brands

The Importance Of Knowing The Best RC Drift Car Brands

Performance and Quality

Knowing the perfect RC drift car brand ensures top-notch performance. Top brands prioritize extensive research and development. That delivers cars with exceptional drifting capabilities.

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These brands use high-quality materials and the latest technology. That ensures precise control, optimal handling, and impressive drifts. So, it helps to enhance your drifting skills.

Innovative Features 

Leading RC drift car brands introducing new features. You will get super drift tires and adjustable suspensions. They also include gyroscopic stabilization systems and brushless motors.

These brands push the boundaries of RC drifting. By choosing the perfect brand, you can maximize fun.


Investing in the right brand ensures flawless drifting. Reputable brands prioritize durability. They use high-quality materials.

That can handle the high speeds, tight turns, and occasional. You will get a guarantee of durability from top brands.

Access to Spare Parts

One significant advantage is the availability of spare parts and upgrades. Popular brands maintain a comprehensive inventory of spare parts.

That ensures easy replacement of any components. Additionally, these brands offer a range of upgrades. That allows you to fine-tune your car’s performance.

Community and Support

The best car brands foster vibrant communities of enthusiasts. It provides opportunities to connect, learn, and share experiences.

Additionally, reputable brands often provide customer support. That ensures instant assistance when needed.

Explore the top brands to unlock the full potential of your RC drifting.

Different Types of RC Drift Cars

Different Types of RC Drift Cars

Belt-Driven RC Drift Cars

It is famous for precision and smooth drifting. They utilize a belt drive system. That transmits power efficiently.

The belt drive provides precise control over acceleration. It allows for smooth transitions and slides. It is perfect for the pro driver. 

Shaft-Driven RC Drift Cars

It provides power and direct response on the track. These cars feature a driveshaft. That transfers power from the motor to the wheels.

It provides immediate torque delivery and strong acceleration. That makes it suitable for high-speed drifts. These cars excel in aggressive drifting styles.

Front-Wheel Drive (FWD) RC Drift Cars

FWD RC drift cars offer nimble and responsive handling. It ensures excellent traction and precise control. FWD drift cars offer quick direction changes. That makes them ideal for tight and technical tracks.

Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) RC Drift Cars

RWD RC drift cars are the classic choice for drifting enthusiasts. These cars deliver power to the rear wheels. That creates a dynamic drifting experience.

RWD drift cars excel in initiating and maintaining long. They offer a thrilling drifting experience.

All-Wheel Drive (AWD) RC Drift Cars

AWD RC drift cars provide versatility and balance performance. These cars distribute power to all four wheels. That offers better traction and stability during drifts.

AWD drift cars can handle different conditions. It is suitable for both high-speed and technical drifts. They provide a balance between power, control, and stability.


What factors should I consider when choosing the best RC drift car brand?

When selecting the best RC drift car brand, consider performance, durability, and customization options.

Are there specific brands for their exceptional drifting?

Yes, MST, Tamiya, Redcat Racing, etc. is popular for exceptional drifting.

Can I upgrade and customize RC drift cars from the best brands?

Absolutely! The best RC drift car brands allow customization.

Which RC drift car brand is best for your budget?

Exceed RC is the best budget brand for RC drift cars.


Best RC drift car brands can change your drifting experience. Superior performance and innovative features take drifting to a new height.

But you need to choose the right brand and type of car. They ensure the best drifting experience. It allows you to execute flawless drifts effortlessly.

Each type and brand of drift car offers a unique driving experience. Consider your skill level, and budget when choosing the RC drift car. It will provide an exhilarating drifting experience.

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